Italy, Mi Amore


100_0310I’m just gonna give you a sneak preview of the Italy in a Paper Bag book coming to Stampin’ From the Heart on July 26, that’s a Sunday, from 12:30 to 5 p.m.  Cost is $50. It’s a little bit like the Paris in a Paper Bag book we did a few years back, but not quite as labor intensive (we all had to lie down after that experience).

Again we’ll be transforming bags with wonderful Lumiere paint and adding other goodies. It’s a great way to turn your vacation photos into a keepsake or a gift for some very deserving person. Bring your precision scissors, gluesticks, red tape, rubber gloves and we’ll dig right in. I also suggest bringing lunch and a snack, because we’ll be going straight through. Hope to see you then.


When in doubt, Jess Create It!




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