Going Postale (that’s Italian)


Cartoline Postale (Design 1) by Jessica Hollowell

I have postcard fever these days and can’t seem to stop making them–and yes, it is contagious. So I’m starting something new this month at Stampin’ From the Heart: Postcard Night. I’ll offer two postcard designs — this month’s are Cartoline Postale from Italy. You can make one design or both (as supplies last), but you get to go home with two of them– molto bene (translation: that’s good)! Maybe we’ll add a postcard trade at the next session (in April) if there’s an interest.  Postcard Night, Friday, Feb. 26, 6:30 – 8+ p.m. at Stampin’ From the Heart, 11720 Washington Place, L.A. , 310 391-0466 for directions. Cost $10. Join in the fun! 

Instructor: Jessica Hollowell, Paper Artist

Cartoline Postale (Design 2) by Jessica Hollwowell


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  1. Hi Jessica….I met you when you visited your friend, Cherri, here in Colorado. could you send me your email addy? I have some questions and comments about a Stampington ad. Thanks so much! Marcia.
    p.s. I still have your little thank you atc on my windowsill; it inspires me!

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