Monthly Archives: August 2010

Tinted Post Cards


Tinted PostcardThis month at Postcard Night we’ll be playing with one of my favorite types of ink: Tintz. They are so easy and you can get some really interesting effects with them. Tintz are a very liquid form of ink that come in dauber bottles for easy application. As usual, I just love to splash them onto a piece of cardstock and mix up the colors– not too much thinking involved cuz I get enough of that at school. Then we’ll add assorted tissue papers and stamped items to create interest and embellish with metallic threads and a few other goodies. Join me,  Jessica Hollowell, from 6:30-8ish p.m., Friday,  August 27, 2010, at Stampin’ From the Heart (call 310 391-0466 if you need directions). Cost is $10 to make two cards. All card materials supplied, though you might want to bring rubber gloves.  Look forward to seeing you there.


Texturize Your ATCs


Artist trading cardThis month at ATC Night we’ll be experimenting with texture (and color) for a nifty little package that features — are you ready? — Cheesecloth! I have had some cheesecloth in the kitchen drawer for something like umpteen years and never really know what to do with it. Problem solved: Sponge ink on it and glue to an ATC card. How easy does that sound? The color combos are endless, Artist Trading Carddepending on how many distress inks you have — and I have lots. Embellish with a few other textures and goodies and these cards take on their own unique personality. Warning: a little sewing will be involved. Nothing major, just a button. Everyone knows how to sew on a button, right? Right? Join me, Jessica Hollowell, at 6:30-8ish p.m. Thursday, August 19, 2010, at Stampin’ From the Heart (call 310  391-0466  if you need directions). Cost is $10 to make two cards and take home one of mine.  All materials supplied. If you want to trade, please bring at least a dozen cards, that includes one for me and one for Karen’s collection on display at the store. Trading is optional. See link on this site “What’s an ATC?” if you need more info.