Taking an ATC Journey


Journey Artist Trading Card, goldWhen I was a kid we always took our family vacations in August. So, I thought Journeys might be a good topic for this month’s Artist Trading Cards. There’s a lot going on in these 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 little masterpieces, layers of this and that and something else. And to me that’s the essence of travel. Join me for ATC Night on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2011, at Stampin’ From the Heart, 11720 Washington Place, L.A., (310-391-0466 for directions). We start right at 6:30 p.m. till 8 or so. Cost is $10, all materials are supplied. I hope to see you there. And as for the T in ATC, if you want to Trade with others in the group, please bring at least 10 cards (this includes one for me and one for Karen’s collection at the store). Any design of your choosing is OK. What’s an ATC? you may ask. See the Page at right for the answer to that question.


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