Shadow Ink Post Cards


Shadow Stamp Post CardThis month I dug out my shadow inks (they were covered in dust, I have to admit) and used them in the background of my design. I love the effect when I over-stamp the shadow block with script. It’s a great way of giving dimension to an otherwise flat card. And I have been so eager to use my Inka Gold paste-ink-stuff, which comes in many wonderful colors, as a border on the main panel. This color medium is so unusual and lovely–it acts like a paste, but it dries instantly and shines like real gold (or other metallic). I just want to put it on everything. Luckily, the cat can run faster than me. I hope you can join me for  Post Card Night, from 6:30-8 p.m., Fri. Oct. 28, 2011, at Stampin’ From the Heart, 11720 Washington Place, L.A., 310-391-0466 for directions. Cost $10 to make two cards; all materials supplied. You might want to bring your own precision scissors. See you there.


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