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Fleurs and Coeurs CD Holder Book

CD Holder
CD Holder


“Fleurs and Coeurs”!! That means Hearts and Flowers in French. Ooh la-la.

We’ll bring an an old-fashioned songbook into a new age with this clever CD holder book. It’s great fun to color the plain white book (pick  a jewel tone–the one shown here is ruby) with Adirondack inks and sprays. Then we’ll use some vintage sheet music to make a custom CD and all the stuff that goes with it.

Class will be Saturday, March 28, at Stampin From the Heart, from 10:30 till 3-ish (bring lunch). Please bring these supplies: glue stick, double-sided tape, and precision scissors. Strongly suggested: glue dots and rubber gloves (if you have them). Call the store to reserve a spot. $50.

Hope to see you then. And when in doubt, Jess Create It!

Sew Somerset, Sew Cool!


I just got a wonderful gift in the mail, just in time for the holidays. The lovely ladies at Stampington sent me the latest edition of Somerset Sew magazine. click on this link and scroll down, you’ll see it!!

It features one of my fabric books, “There’s Only One Queen, and It’s me!”, based on a stamp given to me by our dear stamping friend Joanne Gordon. Do you think she was trying to tell me something?

Anyway, it’s a nice 4-page spread, and I got to write a little story that goes with it. (Sorry, I don’t even have a picture of it to share. Needless to say, I am “sew” excited that I am hard at work right now on a new project to send in for the next issue. I’m not much of a sewing professional, but this proves that you don’t have to be perfect at something to make art.

Hope you’ll get a chance to look at the magazine. I think it sells at Joann Fabrics. Or I will show you my copy at the January Make-It/Take It (see next post), whether you ask to see it or not. 🙂

Bye, for now, and don’t forget: When in doubt, Jess Create It!

Hot off the press!!!!


Just wanted to let you all know that I received my free copy of Stampers Sampler, the Oct.-Nov. issue, which has my artwork published in it. I was so excited when I heard, and wait till I tell you what they chose.

I sent in several of the Colorful Library Pockets and several Marvelous Mosaic Paper Quilts that I will be teaching at Stamping From the Heart in October (see posts below, with class info and pics). At the last minute, I decided to decorate the yellow mailing envelope, cuz you can’t just send a plain old envelope to Stampington, you know.

Yup, you guessed it. They published the envelope!!

I did have fun doing it, from tidbits and morsels out of my scrap box and lots of red ink. I even sewed and stapled. If you want, we can have an envelope class. Just let me know.

Anyhow, look for the mag at Karen’s store.

Love, Jessica

When in doubt, JessCreateIt!

Welcome to Jess Create It


Hi Card Lovers,

I’m new to this blogging thing–in fact my daughter is walking me through it right now!  BUT, I am taking this challenge on so I can keep YOU, my avid fans, aware of my class schedule.   So, bear with me while I figure this blogging thing out–you are my motivation!  Below is my first image that I put in a blog!

Next month, I have several paper arts classes arranged in the Los Angeles area, so stay tuned.

With my granddaughter, Ariana at her 5th Birthday!

With my granddaughter, Ariana at her 5th Birthday!

Jessica Hollowell