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Paint-Chip Postcards


Paint-chip postcardI can’t remember when I discovered paint chips. They come in so many wonderful colors and sizes and best of all they are so stamp-able. I have often used them in altered books, for tags, tickets or other embellishments. Once I made one into a bookmark. Oh, yeah, and they are nice to have around if you are painting your house. Recently I found the perfect size multicolored paint chips to use for  postcards, and my imagination went wild. These Paint-Chip Postcards include gold doilies, gold embossed decorative papers, and a choice of lovely collage images in flowers, butterflies, birds and vintage ladies from Magenta. We also will be using my new favorite play-toy: washi masking tape. I hope you’ll join me  for Postcard Night, at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 25, 2011, at Stampin’ From the Heart, 11720 Washington Place, L.A. (Call (310) 391-0466 for directions). Cost is $10. All materials supplied by Los Angeles-based paper artist and instructor Jessica Hollowell. Reminder: We start on time at 6:30 p.m. and go till 8 or so. You will get the makings for 2 cards, and this month you will be making a lot of the design decisions. Hope to see you there.


Master Board Postcards


Postcard Night Jan. 28, 2011My friend and fellow paper artist Joanne sent me a beautiful holiday card that she created from a master-board. What a great idea, I thought. So the first Postcard Night project of 2011 is a tribute to her artwork. We’ll be making a mini master-board from various tissue papers and then adding a mini-postcard to it. A bit of glitter, some gold leaf and  embellishments and it’s one you won’t want to miss. What’s a masterboard you may ask? See page on this site to find out more and see some examples. Join me on Friday, January 28, 2011, at Stampin’ From the Heart (see link on this site) for Postcard Night, 6:30-8 p.m. (We start on time). Materials for 2 cards supplied by artist and instructor Jessica Hollowell. Cost $10. See you there.

Sunflower Postcards


I  ran across one of my favorite stamps the other day and it inspired this month’s Postcard Night selections. The giant sunflower by Sandi Miller designs is the background layer and then I used some of my favorite Invoke Arts tickets for the main art. Distress inks and decorative papers used in different ways make for colorful cards I can’t stop looking at. I hope you like them too. Join me at Postcard Night, Friday, Sept. 24, 2010, at Stampin’ From the Heart, 11720 Washington Place, L.A. Call (310 391-0466 for directions), 6:30-8 p.m., Cost $10. Materials supplied by instructor Jessica Hollowell. Hope to see you there. P.S. This will probably be the last Postcard Night for the year. I may do a Holiday Postcard if there’s a place in the schedule.

Tinted Post Cards


Tinted PostcardThis month at Postcard Night we’ll be playing with one of my favorite types of ink: Tintz. They are so easy and you can get some really interesting effects with them. Tintz are a very liquid form of ink that come in dauber bottles for easy application. As usual, I just love to splash them onto a piece of cardstock and mix up the colors– not too much thinking involved cuz I get enough of that at school. Then we’ll add assorted tissue papers and stamped items to create interest and embellish with metallic threads and a few other goodies. Join me,  Jessica Hollowell, from 6:30-8ish p.m., Friday,  August 27, 2010, at Stampin’ From the Heart (call 310 391-0466 if you need directions). Cost is $10 to make two cards. All card materials supplied, though you might want to bring rubber gloves.  Look forward to seeing you there.

Vintage Postcards


Vintage PostcardI have so many doilies left over from the days when I was into everything Victorian–think tea and scones. I thought, there must be some way to incorporate these into my artwork. This month’s Post Card Night will be a throwback to the past, with altered doilies, floral collage designs and a few embellishments–all mounted on colorful Bazzill textured cardstock (just can’t seem to get enough of it).  Join us Friday, July 23, starting at 6:30-8+ p.m. for Post Card Night at Stampin’ From the Heart, 11720 Washington Place, L.A., call 310 391-0466 for directions. Cost: $10. See you there!

Beautiful Birds Postcards


Birds PostcardsI love those Cavellini birds so much. They were the centerpiece of my Bird Book (published in Somerset Gallery (Winter 2008) and I have wanted to find a way to use them again. And now, you’ll get to play with them, too, becaue this month’s Postcard Night is strictly for the birds. We’ll be taking out the Adirondack inks (so long since I have used them) and some stipple brushes to make some colorful habitats for the lovely bird collage images. And there’s a surprise element ( well, two actually): fluid acrylic paint and glitter!!!!! In truth it’s called Glamour Dust, and that seems so appropriate for these winged beauties. Come play on Postcard Night, Friday, June 25, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Stampin’ From the Heart, $10 for two cards. All materials supplied by me, LosAngeles-based paper artist Jessica Hollowell. You may want to bring rubber gloves.

Carte Postales. Ooh, La La, C’est Magnifique!


France Carte Postale by Jessica Hollowell

France is our destination for this month’s Postcard Night at Stampin’ From the Heart, hosted by Jessica Hollowell. We’ll use Golden glazes, rubber stamps and collage papers to transform a plain white card into a work of art that looks, well, magnifique. (That’s French for really fab). The rubber stamps for this project are some of my faves, every one a queen in her own right, by Stampsmith. Postcard Night, Friday, April 23, 6:30-8:30, at Stamping From the Heart, 11720 Washington Place, Los Angeles. Call 310- 391-0466 for directions. You can choose 2 of the four cards I have designed. All materials provided. Fee $10. Hope to see you there. When in doubt, Jess Create It.

Back of France Carte Postale

1st Postcard Night a Success


We had a great time last month making beautiful Italian postcards on my first Postcard Night at Stampin’ From the Heart. Thanks to Karen for making the 4th Friday (every other month for now) available for this neat, some have calld it  “therapeutic, ” way to spend a few hours.

I’m getting geared up for next month’s Postcard Night and this time we are traveling to PARIS!!!!! So Bon Voyage and don’t miss the bateau (that’s French for boat). Mark your calendars: The next Postcard Night will be April 23 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 or so.  Fee $10, all materials supplied. Here’s a sneak preview. (Glaze will be involved.)

Going Postale (that’s Italian)


Cartoline Postale (Design 1) by Jessica Hollowell

I have postcard fever these days and can’t seem to stop making them–and yes, it is contagious. So I’m starting something new this month at Stampin’ From the Heart: Postcard Night. I’ll offer two postcard designs — this month’s are Cartoline Postale from Italy. You can make one design or both (as supplies last), but you get to go home with two of them– molto bene (translation: that’s good)! Maybe we’ll add a postcard trade at the next session (in April) if there’s an interest.  Postcard Night, Friday, Feb. 26, 6:30 – 8+ p.m. at Stampin’ From the Heart, 11720 Washington Place, L.A. , 310 391-0466 for directions. Cost $10. Join in the fun! 

Instructor: Jessica Hollowell, Paper Artist

Cartoline Postale (Design 2) by Jessica Hollwowell

Cherish These Postcards


We’ll be delving into mail art at this month’s Make-It/Take-It at Stampin’ From the Heart, Friday, Nov. 13, fr100_0381om 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. We’ll turn a dictionary page into a mini work of art and add some embellishments! At the end you’ll have a lovely postcard to send  to someone special or just put up on the bulletin board. Once I got started, I just couldn’t stop, so there’s 6 different designs. Each postcard has the word “cherish” on it somewhere. And the best part is that I’ll be bringing the entire collection of Distress inks for you to color-coordinate as desired. Feel free to bring your own images if you want to personalize your cards (Finished card is 3 3/4 by 5 inches).

100_0383MITI, Friday, Nov. 13, 2009 at Stampin’ From the Heart, 11720 Washington Place, L.A., (310) 391-0466 for directions. Each card is $5. All materials supplied. See you there!