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Aubergine Cards in Somerset Gallery


Aubergine Card

At the last Make-It/Take-It in Stampin’ From the Heart, one of my young students (Michelle’s little niece) asked me what my favorite card is. I thought for a moment because I have made so many over the past 8 years, but I have to say it was the three cards I made for the Somerset Studio Aubergine (dark purple) challenge. They featured old-fashioned photos of the basketball team and some other old-time school girls. But I hadn’t seen the cards for quite a while because it’s been months and months since I submitted them. Still, I remember what they looked like, because I also made some similar ones as a project for my friend Joanne’s Birthday “pARTy” last summer. Well, fate is a funny thing: The other day I found a complementary magazine on my front porch — Somerset Gallery (Summer 2010). And on page 58 were the three cards I had just been talking about. I believe Karen has some copies of the magazine in the store. I will post here a photo of one of second group I made, which is very similar. Enjoy.


Surprising Catch-Up Issue

Library Pocket Card in Red and Pink

This is very much like the one published in the Catch Up Issue of Stampers Sampler

I was excited to see a Stampers Sampler Catch Up Issue on my front porch the other day. Apparently, something I had submitted was published. Naturally, I leafed through the magazine to see what might be in there. Funny, though, after going through each page, I still couldn’t find my artwork. Hmmm. It must be in there somewhere, I thought. So, this time I didn’t look at the pictures (so many wonderful ideas from artists around the world) but focused on the names with the directions. Eureka! I found one of my Library Pocket Cards (tied with a shoelace that I painted with watercolor crayons and Lumiere paints) on Page 37. It had been a couple of years since I sent that in, and I didn’t even recognize my own artwork the first time through the magazine.

Then, like all compulsive people, I read the directions (even though I already knew how to make the card) and what do you think? Well, it was talking about turquoise and I was looking at a picture of a red card. Hmmm, again. I remembered I had sent  in two versions of the Library Pocket project, one in blues and one in reds. Oops, guess the directions got mixed up. No problem, just substitute red for blue and you’ll get the idea. Anyway, I am still pretty excited. Here’s a photo of one that is similar to the card published, because they haven’t returned my artwork yet.

Dots, Dots and Li’l Dot


I actually added the name Li'l Dot onto the cover after I took this picture.

What a surprise I had last week when the June/July isuue of Stampers Sampler landed on my doorstep! My fab flag book, Li’l Dot, made it into the magazine. Page 32 in case you want to see it in all its glory (some pics here for those who just can’t wait). I used this book as the protptype for a class at Stampin’ From the Heart a few months back, so some of you have your very own version of it. They are so much fun to make and even more fun to open up.

A big thank you Karen, the lovely ladies who took the class, and the wonderful editors at Somerset, all of whom continue to support my artwork. I’ve sent in a number of other goodies, so am hoping for the best. Next will be an answer to the Somerset Studio magazine’s call for Aubergine (that’s just a fancy word for eggplant). I’ve been gathering materials for a coupla months now and am just about ready to get my hands all purple.


Remember, when in doubt, Jess Create It!

Sew Somerset, Sew Cool!


I just got a wonderful gift in the mail, just in time for the holidays. The lovely ladies at Stampington sent me the latest edition of Somerset Sew magazine. click on this link and scroll down, you’ll see it!!

It features one of my fabric books, “There’s Only One Queen, and It’s me!”, based on a stamp given to me by our dear stamping friend Joanne Gordon. Do you think she was trying to tell me something?

Anyway, it’s a nice 4-page spread, and I got to write a little story that goes with it. (Sorry, I don’t even have a picture of it to share. Needless to say, I am “sew” excited that I am hard at work right now on a new project to send in for the next issue. I’m not much of a sewing professional, but this proves that you don’t have to be perfect at something to make art.

Hope you’ll get a chance to look at the magazine. I think it sells at Joann Fabrics. Or I will show you my copy at the January Make-It/Take It (see next post), whether you ask to see it or not. 🙂

Bye, for now, and don’t forget: When in doubt, Jess Create It!

Hot off the press!!!!


Just wanted to let you all know that I received my free copy of Stampers Sampler, the Oct.-Nov. issue, which has my artwork published in it. I was so excited when I heard, and wait till I tell you what they chose.

I sent in several of the Colorful Library Pockets and several Marvelous Mosaic Paper Quilts that I will be teaching at Stamping From the Heart in October (see posts below, with class info and pics). At the last minute, I decided to decorate the yellow mailing envelope, cuz you can’t just send a plain old envelope to Stampington, you know.

Yup, you guessed it. They published the envelope!!

I did have fun doing it, from tidbits and morsels out of my scrap box and lots of red ink. I even sewed and stapled. If you want, we can have an envelope class. Just let me know.

Anyhow, look for the mag at Karen’s store.

Love, Jessica

When in doubt, JessCreateIt!