Woman of Many Moods


A good time was had by all on Saturday at the fall Extravaganza. Great projects, lots of goodies to take home and play with and there was food, too. Life jus doesn’t get much better than this. Each table had it’s own color for the Mood Woman shadow boxes, which are painted with my favorite paint, Golden fluid acrylics. Just in case you were wondering, here are the colors I used: Permanent Violet Dark, Quinacridone Crimson, Iridescent Copper, and Turquoise Phthalo.


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  1. Jessica, love your colorful boxes. They kinda reminded me of an elegant Andy Warhol if you can imagine that. LOL! Sorry I missed this one but I was hosting Mom’s birthday party. No way to get out of that one!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jessica: The mood box was
    awesome. What a holiday gift!
    Can’t make it but loved to receive
    it. I like to brag about you.

    Thanx again. Carole

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