Fleurs and Coeurs CD Holder Book

CD Holder
CD Holder


“Fleurs and Coeurs”!! That means Hearts and Flowers in French. Ooh la-la.

We’ll bring an an old-fashioned songbook into a new age with this clever CD holder book. It’s great fun to color the plain white book (pick  a jewel tone–the one shown here is ruby) with Adirondack inks and sprays. Then we’ll use some vintage sheet music to make a custom CD and all the stuff that goes with it.

Class will be Saturday, March 28, at Stampin From the Heart, from 10:30 till 3-ish (bring lunch). Please bring these supplies: glue stick, double-sided tape, and precision scissors. Strongly suggested: glue dots and rubber gloves (if you have them). Call the store to reserve a spot. $50.

Hope to see you then. And when in doubt, Jess Create It!


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